Boba Fett was a Mandalorian bounty hunter that was a clone of Jango Fett, born on Kamino. He was unaltered, so he grew at a normal rate. After Jango died, Boba went on to become a criminal, and a bounty hunter, working with famous hunters such as Cad Bane, or Aurra Sing. Boba made his own syndicate, Krayt's Claw, which was fractured several times, and eventually dissolved (for now). Boba swore vengeance on Windu for killing Jango and sought to kill him. Boba would eventually get over killing Windu, but would never forgive him for what he did. Boba used his father's armor when he was older, and became a very successful bounty hunter for Jabba the Hutt, and the Empire later on. Boba was given the title, the greatest bounty hunter in the world. In his late years, Boba was sucked up by the Sarlacc, but later escaped, to find Fennec Shand, whom he saved, and she became in his debt. He would help Din Djarin rescue Grogu, his foundling. After that, Boba would return to Tatooine, to find Bib Fortuna, Jabba's loyal servant sitting on Jabba's throne. Boba killed Bib, and took the throne, with Shand at his side.


Early Years

Boba Fett as a boy on Kamino

Following the battle of Naboo, Jedi Master Sifo Dyas put an order to Kamino for a clone army for the Republic.[1] After several years of training, and reproducing cloned from bounty hunter Jango Fett, he demanded one thing besides his paycheck, an unaltered clone for himself. He named the clone Boba Fett. While Boba was a clone, Jango made him his son. Jango taught Boba how to shoot a blaster, and fly Slave I. After his father was killed, Boba took responsibility and possession of all of Jango's things.

Trained by Fett

Tiver threatens Boba

Boba, Jango, Neelda, Rinn, and Tiver, were bounty hunters hired to return a Twi'leks daughter back to him. They captured the girl on Ord Mantel, Tiver and Rinn threatened Jango, that they were going to kill Boba unless he handed over the girl. After some time, Boba shot the two. After a remark from Neelda, Boba was going to Neelda, but realized that Needla was not part of Tiver and Rinn. Boba let Neelda live, as he and Jango went back to their ship, and took the Twi'lek back to her father. Jango and Boba discussed his mistakes along the way. Even after that, Jango thought that Boba would carry on his legacy, and make it his own when he passed.[3]

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan and Jango fight on Kamino

Days before the Clone Wars started, Jango Fett, and Boba Fett were met with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan asked Jango if he had ever been to Coruscant. Jango said maybe once pr twice. Kenobi then asked if it had been recently. Jango said possibly. Obi-Wan later left the room, and Jango told Boba to pack his things, that they were leaving. When they got out to the platform, Obi-Wan appeared, and he and Jango fought. After a series of punches, kicks, shootings, and blockings, Obi-Wan lost his lightsaber and was dragged down the side of one of the Kaminoan buildings. Jango released the cord that was holding Obi-Wan up, and Obi-Wan flung it over the side of a platform below. Jango returned to his ship, and they took off, but Kenobi threw a tracking device on them and followed them to Geonosis.

On Geonosis, Obi-Wan comes out of hyperspace behind Jango. Jango launches some Seismic charges that nearly kill Obi-Wan. After Jango led Obi-Wan through an asteroid, Jango hid and came up behind Jango. Jango fired laser after laser at Obi-Wan, hitting his ship. Jango supposedly finished him off by launching missiles.[1]

Death of Jango

During the Battle of Geonosis, Jango Fett, and Jedi Master Windu fought on Geonosis. Jango was outmatched, and he tried to defend himself, but after his jetpack was damaged, he could not escape. The only thing he could do was fire useless bolts at Windu, as he cut off his hand, and beheaded him. After the battle, Boba went down to the arena floor, and held Jango's helmet to his forehead, swearing that he will kill Windu.[1]

The Clone Wars

Quest for Vengeance

Boba Fett prepares to kill Windu on the Endurance

During the Clone Wars, Boba joined a group of bounty hunters, whom of which included, Aurra Sing, Bossk, and Castas (who later was killed by Aurra) to help him finish his goal of getting revenge for his father by killing Jango Fett. Fett and the team had a plan, that was nearly flawless. Boba started the plan, by Boarding the Republic Star Destroyer Endurance. Boba was posing as a young clone trooper cadet. He was nicknamed Lucky due to him always being able to shoot things with crazy accuracy. This is mostly because Jango taught him how to use a blaster. Boba looked identical to the other cadets since he was an unaltered clone, so while he looked about the same age, he was older. Nobody knew his true identity of Boba Fett. When they arrived, they were created by Jedi Knights; Anakin Skywalker, and Mace Windu. They lead them down to target practice, where they all got to shoot the cannon. Everyone missed with the exception of Fett.[4]

Later, when the clones were taking them on a tour, Boba left unnoticed to plant a bomb in Windu´s quarters. It would be activated by a laser wire that would trigger an explosion when stepped on. When Windu instructed a clone to take a personal belonging back to his quarters, the clone activated the bomb that was set for Windu. The clone was killed in the accident, putting the ship in full lockdown, and forced them to keep their guards up. Sing contacted Fett and told him to sabotage the main reactor core, which would disable the ship, killing everyone. Boba was fine to kill Windu, but he had no quarrel with the other clones. Boba did not dare disobey Aurra, as he headed off to the reactor room. While down there, Boba encountered an out-of-uniform clone[5] that Boba talked to. Boba asked for the blaster, and the clone gave it to him. Boba stunned the clone, not wanting to kill him. Boba changed the setting to kill, and shot up the control panel, making it unusable, and unstable.

A main chunk of the hull was destroyed in a series of explosions. Fett nearly completed his quest without knowing it. Windu and Skywalker were nearly sucked into space before they could seal up the hull. The Jedi ordered an evacuation. All of the cadets were put into an escape pod and launched from the ship. Boba, who had not yet been discovered as Boba, was able to blend in one of the pods until Aurra flew Slave I to retrieve him. Aurra gave him the option of coming with her and Bossk or staying to possibly have another shot at killing Windu. Boba left with Aurra and Bossk.[4]

Fett, Sing, Bossk, and Castas watch the Endurance

The Hunters then left the wreckage and went to Vanqor, where the Endurance had crashed. Aurra, Bossk, and Boba killed all the clone troopers but captured Commander Ponds, Admiral Kilian, and a regular clone trooper. Boba hoped to set another trap for Windu, as he rigged his father's old helmet with a bomb that would explode. He placed it on the bridge for Windu to find. Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker arrived on the site soon after. Windu was already there. The two looked for survivors and found none. Windu noticed the helmet, and it exploded. Neither one of them was killed. However, The Jedi were trapped under some of the rubble, unable to escape. The 4 (while watching the ship) thought that both Windu and Skywalker had been killed in the explosion, and headed back for Slave I. The 3 clone officers that they captured could be sold to Dooku for a big fortune. Boba would not have it any other way than to have proof that Windu was dead. They flew the ship to the wreckage and searched for their bodies. While searching, they had several run-ins with R2-D2, Anakin Skywalkers astromech droid. R2-D2 threw debris and closed doors to slow their advancement. Sing suggested that they head back to Slave I, and use it to destroy the remains of the Endurance, to make sure Windu was dead.[6]

Slave I flys over Vanqor, heading towards the wreckage of the Endurance

While on their way back to Slave I, they heard a distant explosion, which was caused by R2-D2. R2-D2, later then flew a Jedi Starfighter, most likely going for help. The hunters realized that Windu was not dead, and jammed all communications. While on Slave I, they tried to shoot down R2 but did not do so. He jumped into hyperspace, going to call for help. Sing decided to take that to their advantage, by using an image transmitter to show the Jedi that they held Republic prisoners. They displayed all the officers on their knees, tied up. Sing asked Ponds what his name was. He replied with his number, CT-411. Sing then told Boba to kill him, but Bobas goal was to kill Windu, not some clones. He refused. Sing did it herself and said she would do it again. The Jedi saw this message, and immediately assigned old friends, Ahsoka Tano, and Plo Koon to the mission, deciding not to put Windu in further harm.[7]

The group soon arrived on Florrum, to seek help from pirate Hondo Ohnaka, and her former lover. Ohnaka declined the request but swore that he would not get in the way of her affairs. Castas and another hunter on Coruscant provided information about Boba and the others. Sing overheard this conversation and ended his life. Boba was frightened, and he realized that he had made a mistake partnering with other hunters to take care of a personal matter.[7]

Fett aims his blaster at Koon's Head

Although Castas was killed, the Jedi traced the message to Florum, and know they were there. They sent Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, and Jedi Master Plo Koon to take care of Sing and her gang. A bit later, the 2 arrived on Florum. Sing tried to reason with the Jedi, by trading the prisoners for safety. Each side attacked one another and ended with Tano's lightsaber at Sings throat and Fett's blaster at Koon's head. The diversion was so they could escape, but Boba was captured, and Sing escaped on a speeder.[7]

Plo Koon interrogated Boba, determined to locate the prisoners, but Boba would not crack. Hondo (not wanting any more trouble) told Boba that Jango would want him to do the honorable thing, and reveal the location. Boba did, believing what Hondo said. The hostages were rescued, and although Sing tried to escape on Slave I, Tano grabbed a hold of the side, and cut it badly, causing it to crash. They assumed that Sing was dead, and left her there. Both Bossk and Boba were taken to Coruscant, where there they would be put into prison. Boba apologized to Windu for the damage he had done when he first arrived. Even though he did this, Boba swore that he would never forgive Windu for killing Jango.[7]

The Life of a Bounty Hunter

Rako Hardeen and Boba Fett brawl

After Boba was imprisoned, he met up with Rako Hardeen, the mercenary that was presumed to kill Obi-Wan Kenobi. Rako Hardeen was actually Obi-Wan in disguised. He was assigned to stop Moralo Eval, Cad Bane, and eventually, several others from kidnapping, and possibly assassinating Chancellor Palpatine. When there was a prison riot, Bane paid Fett a ton of credits to have him distract/preoccupy Hardeen, while they made an escape. Fett called Rako "Hardeen" as he told him that he stole a bounty from Boba. The two fought each other, but Kenobi won. Bossk came over, and initiated the riot which would set many prisoners free, and even more dead. Although Hardeen was delayed, he eventually caught up with Moralo, and Cad, as they escaped.[8]

Later, after Kenobi managed to stop the plot (with the help of Anakin Skywalker), Bane was recaptured and sent to the Coruscant prison again. As soon as he arrived, Fett called him out for being captured so soon and requested his money. They continued their discussion, and Bane revealed that Hardeen was a Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and not the bounty hunter/mercenary. Boba was surprised, and brought up a plan that he and Bossk had that involved Bane.[9][10]

Soon after this, Fett escaped custody on Coruscant[11], and headed off-world, where he would found a bounty hunter group named Krayt's Claw.[12] It's main "base" was on Mos Eisley, Tatooine. Boba hired many hunters, such as Bossk, Dengar, C-21 Highsinger, and Latts Razzi.[13] Once, they were hired to protect secret cargo on the planet Quarzite.

Boba Fett talks to their employer about the terms of the job

Asajj Ventress, a former Sith Assassin of Count Dooku, joined the team after she killed Oked. They departed from Tatooine to an orbital elevator station (OES) above Quarzite to meet their client, Major Rigosso. They received special orders and strict rules that they needed to follow. The team would protect a chest of precious cargo, from the top of the elevator, down to Otua Blank, the leader of the Quarzite people. They would travel by an underground tram, because of the planet's atmosphere, which made it impossible to fly, let alone transport cargo, by spacecraft. The chest needed special protection from Kage Raiders, as they have defeated their guards.[11]

The team took an elevator down below the crust of the planet. When they boarded the tram, there were many guards, prepared to protect the cargo at all costs. The raiders soon boarded the tram, and climbed onto the roof, and went through windows, and doors in the back. The raiders killed the Quarzite guards, only leaving the hunters to finish the job. Most of the hunters were thrown off the tram. During an intense fight, Fett accidentally knocked over the chest, revealing a young Kage woman, Pluma Sodi. Her brother, the leader of the raiders was here to rescue her from being married unwillingly to Otua Blank. There were only two hunters left in the tram, Fett and Ventress, who argued over what they should do in this situation. Ventress felt bad for the girl because she knew how it felt to be taken away from her home. Boba wanted to continue the job, only interested in the money. Ventress stopped Fett by Force-choking Fett. Ventress put Fett inside the chest that the woman was originally in.[11][14]

After the tram arrived at the station, Ventress received her reward, promising to pay the others, and left before Blank could inspect the chest. After Blank opened it, he saw a very angry Fett, whom he let free. Ventress freed the Kage people, paying them the shares for the other hunters, and left. When she arrived back at their ship, the other hunters were there. They demanded to know where Boba was, and she said that she was sure that he would turn up.[11]

Head of a Syndicate

Although Boba was embarrassed about what Ventress did to him, he managed to continue to run Krayt's Claw successfully. Though, because of the syndicate's past with Ventress, it was...haunting. During the late years of The Clone Wars, Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos asked for Boba's help, while visiting Coruscant's prison's level 1313. Vos wanted help to track down Ventress, so he could learn the dark side of the force, to assassinate Dooku. Boba told him that she was on Pantora, hunting Volpai, a Moregi.[12] Vos left and went to find her. After he did, they went on several jobs together, Vos told Ventress that his true interest was to learn the dark-side, and assassinate Dooku. Ventress, who now hated the man, agreed to train Vos. Vos's attempt failed, and he was captured. Ventress, who was not only his new ally but lover, paid Boba and his crew 250,000 credits in advance for them to rescue him. However, the mission was a fail, as Fett and his hunters were easily defeated by Dooku. Ventress, who took a different approach at it, failed as well. They were defeated, exhausted, but alive. They left the planet to head back to Tatooine.[12]

The Ensuing Years

Carrying Jango's Legacy

A mid-aged Boba Fett captures his bounty

During his childhood, Fett learned of the bounty hunter trade between Cad Bane, and Hondo Ohnaka.[15] During his teens-early adult years, Boba Fett presumed control of Slave I, as well as retrieving his father's armor, giving it a new paint job.[16] Boba decorated his armor with beads that represented his fallen enemies.[17] While Fett took on many jobs, he dedicated himself to a few that required a good amount of skill. Boba would complete these many times, giving him the reputation of being the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.[16]

Working on Corellia

Boba Fett was hired by Khamus to infiltrate and kill a target of the Unbroken Clan. Boba Fett worked with a team, that included, Bossk, Beilert Valance, Nakano Lash, and T'ongor. They successfully infiltrated the sanctuary but were forced to retreat after Lash killed Khamus after he shot the target. The failure damaged Fett's reputation, but not for long, and not too much.[18]

Working for Jabba

During the Galactic Civil War, Boba Fett work constantly for Jabba the Hutt. He was Jabba's top mercenary. Boba also did jobs for the Empire. Boba had numerous fights with Rebels before the war hit its peak, such as the time when he went to Coruscant. He met a few rebel spies, who tried to kill him with ion disruptors, but Boba disintegrated them with ease. Boba tried to get credits from Darth Vader for it but got none because there were no bodies.[19]

Before the Battle of Yavin took place, Boba Fett was going to leave Tatooine to attend other business, but when Vader announced that he was looking for 2 droids, Boba stayed, in search of them to collect the bounty. Boba followed the tracks of one, which lead to Sandcrawler tracks, which he then followed to the Beru Moisture Farm. The residents were dead, as well as the Jawas. They were most likely killed by Stormtroopers. Boba continued to investigate there, soon realizing that droids had indeed been there. There must have been a 3rd resident that went with them.[19]

Boba Fett stands next to the Millenium Falcon, as Jabba and Han Solo talk

Later, Boba arrived in Mos Eisley, to find Han Solo, who had killed Greedo. Solo was one of Jabba's top smugglers but was in debt to him badly. Solo promised that Jabba would get his money. However, the Empire put an extra bounty on him (aside from the one that Jabba put on him) because Solo was now part of the Rebel Alliance.[20] Solo did not deliver the money as he promised, eventually resulting in him being frozen in carbonite.[21]

Galactic Civil War

Vader's Bounty

After the Battle of Yavin, Boba Fett was at Jabba the Hutt's Palace, when Sith Lord, Darth Vader came, to negotiate terms for an alliance between the Empire, and the Hutt Clans. This was not the first time Vader had appeared there in the last couple weeks. Just a day earlier, he met with Jabba to discuss a personal matter. They agreed to the terms, and Jabba provided Vader with Boba Fett, and a Wookie named Black Krrsantan.[22]

Boba Fett, and Black Krrsantan meet with Darth Vader in the Desert cliffs on Tatooine

Later in the day, Boba and Krrsantan met with Vader in the desert cliffs, still on Tatooine. Vader asked Fett if they were Jabba/s finest hunters, and Boba ensured Vader that they were. Vader gave them each a mission, Boba, was to find, and capture Han Solo, who piloted the Millenium Falcon. Krrsantan, to help an Imperial officer that was doing an Emperor a favor. Vader wanted to make sure that Solo was brought in alive, and Boba assured him of that. Vader instructed them to start immediately, as he went to the same Tusken Raider camp that he had slaughtered the sand people from earlier, to finish his unfinished business.[22]

Boba Fett knew where to start. He knew that Solo visited Mos Eisley constantly, so went there to start searching. He met some Rodians, of whom we asked if they knew the name "Kenobi". They said that he was a "crazy old wizard", and that he lived in the Dune Sea. The Rodian then asked why he wanted the wizard, and Boba pointed his blaster at him. He said that Kenobi was dead and that he alone would ask questions, not the Rodians.[23]

Boba Fett visits a cantina to find out more about his targets

Boba then killed the Rodians, as they were useless to him finding Kenobi and Solo. Boba continued to search for more information about Han Solo, Luke Skywalker (who he was also looking for), and Chewbacca. He again met and killed some Jawas, as well as a moisture farm family. Everyone that he tried to gain information from was useless. They did not know much. Boba headed for a cantina to find some more...knowledgeable assets.[24]

Boba Fett tied the farmer up with his whipcord thrower

After Boba entered the cantina, Boba asked the criminals if they knew anything about a boy, or give him information, such as a name, and that he would not leave until someone did. Boba began to interrogate an Ithorian, when a six-armed[24] alien said that the only boy that he knew of was Boba. The alien was over 2 meters tall, a head over Boba.[25] Boba demanded to know why he insulted him but got no answer. Boba easily defeated the alien, by severing one of his arms and breaking the bones in the others. Boba demanded to know information about a boy, yet again. The bartender, a human male names Wuher, said that no one there knew the boy, nor had seen him. Only that Kenobi had been at the cantina about an hour or so ago. After he said that, a boy moisture farmer made a run for the door, but was stopped when Boba used his whipcord thrower, and wrapped the kids' legs up. Boba went over to him and demanded to know who the boy was. At first, the farmer only answered with "I don't know anything about the boy" or "I don't know his name", but wasn't true, since he obviously saw (or heard) something since he made a run for the door. After Boba continued to hurt, and interrogate the boy, he finally cracked and revealed the boy's name to be Luke Skywalker. Fett knew that the boy was speaking the truth, and therefore, let go of his grip on the kid. When the kid thought he was free, Boba blasted him with his EE-3 blaster carbine, which killed him. Boba then walked out, to continue his search for the boy, which he now knew was Luke Skywalker.[24]

Fight with Skywalker

Boba then left the cantina and returned to SLave I where he flew towards Old Ben Kenobi's home in the Jundland Wastes to wait for Skywalker, as he knew that they had a connection. Shortly after that, a group of wandering Tusken Raiders made their way to Kenobi's home, where they ransacked it. Skywalker showed up shortly after that and defended the home. He then chased the Tuskens away from the shelter. While he was doing that, Boba stealthily closed in behind them. He pulled a flash grenade, which temporarily blinded Skywalker, and caused his astromech droid, R2-D2 to go haywire.[24]

Luke Skywalker does not surrender to Boba Fett

Boba walked towards Skywalker, hitting his head with his blaster, telling him to surrender. Instead, Skywalker got up and punched Fett across the abdomen armor. Skywalker, who was still blind, mistook Boba for a stormtrooper. Skywalker soon realized that he wasn't a stormtrooper, since Boba did not kill Luke. The employer wanted Luke alive. Luke ignited his lightsaber after Boba said that he didn't have to be walking, just alive. Luke, now angry, told Boba that he should have never come to Kenobi's home. Skywalker, now realizing that he had no other choice than to fight him blind, was determined to do so. He knew that Jedi didn't need to see, only feel. But, as Boba reminded him, Luke was no Jedi, not yet. Skywalker swung his saber uncontrollably, in every direction. This gave Boba the chance he needed to blast Skywalker. However, as Luke swung mindlessly, Boba had to constantly move, and Luke listened to his armor to fight him, eventually pushing Boba back to fall on R2-D2. After Boba got up, Luke knew where he was, and Boba was angry, and they charged each other.[26]

Boba was able to cut Skywalker several times with a vibroblade that extended from his gauntlets. Yet again, Boba ordered Skywalker to surrender, but yet again, Skywalker said no, and claimed that Kenobi could help him even after he died. Boba had no other choice, but he blasted Skywalker in the shoulder, aiming just right so he wouldn't die. Boba was about to do it again, but Luke said something in Ancient Jedi and deflected Boba's next shot. Boba then ran up to Skywalker and tackled him. Boba was on top of Luke, and slowly changing the position of Luke's lightsaber from up near his neck, to near Luke's face. Then, Luke used the force and picked up a box that he threw at Boba's head. Boba rolled over unconscious. Luke and R2-D2 were both surprised that that worked but did not delay when they left the hut, making sure they got as far away from it as possible, leaving Boba there, so he would have to report his failure to Vader.[26]

Boba Fett tells Darth Vader that the boy's name is Skywalker

After Boba awoke from his injuries, he made it back to Slave I, where he flew to Darth Vader's Star Destroyer, claiming that his defeat wasn't a defeat and that the boy "got lucky". Vader demanded if he had any useful information, and boba said that he learned one thing: his name was Skywalker. Vader was silent, and Boba left and made sure not to disturb the Dark Lord.[24] Boba did not know this, but he had just told Vader that he had a son, who was training to be a Jedi.[27]

Mission to Carajam

Boba tracked down some rebel troops on a planet known as Carajam. On his search, Boba rode an animal near a rebel base. While he raided the base, he killed all the rebels except his target, a rebel pilot, whom he turned into the Empire to gain 50,000 credits. He also tracked down a known rebel collaborator known as Zingo Gabnit, whom he also turned into the Empire, but this time received 100,000 credits for his work. While searching for him, he found Turfitch, a human male bounty hunter, who was dying, since Zingo shot him. Boba saw him and shot him to continue his mission. He reached a little village, where Zingo tied up civilians. He offered Boba three times more money than the Xan Sisters, who placed the bounty on him, offered him. Boba turned him down, only to be blown out the doorway by an explosive. Despite what had happened, Boba was able to capture, and kill Zingo, and drug his body through the village, greeted by villagers, who rejoiced to see him. After he got back to his employer, he received the bounty, and one of the villagers who thanked him, Stallo, who was a sniper, asked for Boba's help to kill the Xan Sisters, who he claimed to be just like Zingo. The bartender told Stallo to be careful, and not cause too much trouble, or he could be on the bounty list. Boba looked up, and saw Stallo's face and name on the Bounty list, and turned around. He shot Stallo in the head and received the reward.[28]

Finding Solo

Sometime later,[21] Boba received orders for a new job from the Dark Lord. He gave his current job, to catch a sullustan, to a rookie hunter, as he rendezvoused Vader on the Executor, Vader's personal flagship, near the Hoth System, in an asteroid belt. There were also several other hunters there, which included Boba's good friends Bossk and Dengar, as well as others such as the deadly pair of 4-LOM and Zuckuss, as well as IG-88B, an assassin droid. Fett and Dengar bet 20 credits on what job Vader was giving them. Fett one, as he predicted that he wanted the smuggler, Han Solo, and his light-freighter, the Millenium Falcon.[29] Vader was going to utilize the hunter who located Solo, as well as his companions, the Rebellion leader and Princess, Leia Organa, Solo's co-pilot Chewbacca, and their protocol droid, C-3PO, to lure Jedi Apprentice, Luke Skywalker into a trap, where Vader hoped to turn him to his side or kill him. Vader said that they could use any means necessary, as long as they were captured alive. Vader pointed towards Fett, and said "no disintegration", as Fett had done to so many of his other bounties. But, Boba told Vader that he would make sure that they weren't killed. After this, Boba put together a brilliant plan. He got to work on it, by manufacturing fake coordinates for Slave I, as he knew that some of the other hunters would follow him. Fett, to do this plan, jumped into hyperspace, then came out, only to do this once more to get back to the Imperial fleet, where he knew Solo was hiding. Fett knew that Solo knew that he would have better chances of outlasting them, rather than a most certain doom by trying to outrun them with their hyperdrive so badly damaged.[29]

Boba docked onto the destroyer, the Avenger, where he made an excuse that his ship was leaking, so he could stay behind. After some time, when the Avenger was set to depart into hyperspace, an Imperial waste disposal corps member named Carl Ashon was instructed to fix the leak in Slave I, as Fett had seemingly disappeared. While on the ship, he learned what Boba had, that Solo was on the backside of the bridge on the Avenger. When Fett returned, Ashon proposed that they split the bounty. Boba agreed, but when Ashon wasn't paying attention, he was knocked unconscious by a blow from Fett. Fett then dragged Ashon's body to the inside of Lambda shuttle. Fett then took off from the Avenger and made sure that Ashon would not get in his way.[30] Boba arrived in Cloud City, Bespin, before the Falcon's damaged backup hyperdrive got there. He contacted Vader, and he arrived shortly after. Then, Vader "convinced" former smuggler, now administrator, Lando Calrissian to help the Empire capture Solo.[21] While there, Boba discovered that bounty droid, IG-88B had followed Fett there. After a quick fight, Fett defeated the droid, leaving him to be collected for spare parts by the ugnaughts.[31][32]

Darth Vader ensures Fett that if Solo were to die, he would be compensated on behalf of the Empire

Sometime before Boba made his way back to Tatooine, he visited an underground gambling place known as Azure Den, which only let well-known, and experienced players in. While he was there, the owner of the den, Elad Zhalto, wanted to tell Boba that Vader intended to put Solo into Carbon Freezing.[33] It was merely a test to see if Skywalker could survive. When Boba next got in touch with Vader, only hours before the experiment, Vader assured him that if Solo died, he would be compensated on behalf of the Empire. His debts to Jabba would be paid off, as well as the bounty on Solo. After they put Solo in and brought him back out, he indeed survived. After that was proven, Fett was given Solo, and he ordered it to be put on his ship. Sometime later, after Fett hooked up Solo to his ship, rebels, Leia Organa, Chewbacca, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Lando Calrissian tried an attempt to rescue Solo, which failed after Fett took off for Tatooine.[21]

Lash's Bounty

Boba Fett fights Valance onboard Lash's ship

Shortly after capturing Solo, Fett learned that a man named Lash had resurfaced. He was informed of this by Syphacc's Bountiful Bounties, a private hunters' guild.[34] Boba sought to find her and wound up at a bar, where he met a man named Jhorstek, an Abednedo. Boba would then kill everyone in the bar, he interrogated Jhorstek and wanted him to tell Fett where Lash was. He told Fett that Lash was on Galmerah.[35] When he was there, Boba tracked Lash's ship to Ruusan. There, he could, and finally did board Lash's ship.[36] There, he shot one of Lash's friends/assistants, T'onga.[37] Lash told Fett that Cadeliah was the reason that she shot and killed Khamus. Boba Fett prepared to kill Lash, but he was attacked by Beilert Valance, another bounty hunter. The two fought for some time, but the fight ended with Boba shooting Valance with a bioenergy disrupter. After Valance was defeated, Boba moved towards Lash and Cadeliah. Lash and Boba had a quick shootout, but Lash and Cadeliah got in an escape pod, but Boba reached in and pulled Lash out. They fought until Valance grabbed Boba's back. Boba was able to defeat Valance again, this time with his flamethrower. Boba went to finish off Lash, her ship was attacked but General Vukorah and her ship arrived. Boba left Lash's ship, knowing that she would die.[18] Boba, then continued his journey to Jabba's Palace on Tatooine, where he would be rewarded for bringing him in.[38]


Boba successfully completed his journey and gave Jabba the Hutt Han Solo. Fett continued to work for Jabba, but Luke Skywalker, Lando Calrissian, Leia Organa, and Chewbacca were planning to rescue Solo. The plan was simple-ish. Boba witnessed Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker, and Wookiee Chewbacca get captured. Chewbacca was put into a cell, to be fed to the Sarlacc. Luke, however, was dropped into a Rancor pit, where he killed the Rancor. Earlier, Leia, who was going undercover as Boussh, unfroze Han Solo from Carbonite, but was captured, and turned into a slave. Solo was thrown into the same cell as Chewbacca. After they all were put into cells, Jaaba and his skiffs went to the Great Pit of Carkoon, a place where a Sarlacc was living. Jabba had plans for them to be fed to the Sarlacc, but things quickly went downhill.[38]

Han Solo damages Boba Fett, which launches him into the Sarlacc

When Luke was sent down, he flung himself back up and grabbed his lightsaber that R2-D2 had launched to him. Luke killed most of the guards. Chewie, and Han each went to fight as well. Lando, who was disguised as one of the palace guards also helped to defeat them. Boba then launched into the air with his jetpack to one of the skiffs. Boba fought the rebels, but his blaster was cut in half by Luke Skywalker. Soon after that, Chewbacca made a series of roars, which Solo then said: "Boba Fett? Boba Fett? Where?" Just as Solo turned around, he smashed the end of the pole he was carrying into the back of Boba's jetpack.[38] Boba went flying into the Sarlacc, to forever be forgotten.[13]

Into the New Republic Age

Boba Fett did in fact survive the Sarlacc but at a price. Sometime either during or after his escape, Boba Fett lost his armor, which was picked up by Jawas later. Sometime after that, Mos Espa sheriff, Cobb Vanth bought the armor from them with some crystals.[39][40]

At about the same time as Vanth had taken the armor, Dengar, and another hunter named Mercurial Swift went to fight on Coronet city, which was on the Core World planet known for manufacturing capital ships, Corellia.[40][41] During the fight, Dengar was winning and drew a particle-ray gun, and aimed it at Swift. Swift, who was desperate to survive, pretended to see Boba Fett on the rooftops of one of the buildings. Startled, and partially frightened, Denagr raised the blaster to where Swift had lied about, and there was nothing. Swift then attacked Dengar, and eventually beat him, but let Dengar live.[40]

During the time of about 9 years after the Battle of Yavin (ABY)[42], Fett wandered by the body of the (near) lifeless Fennec Shand[43], and was able to save her, though she would half to live part-droid.[44] After SHand was healed, she was forever in his debt.[43]

Boba Fett observes Din Djarin return to his ship after killing the Krayt Dragon

After Din Djarin's and Cobb Vanth's fight with the Krayt Dragon, Vanth gave Djarin the armor. While he was making his return to the Razor Crest, Boba Fett overlooked him on his speeder bike from a cliff.

Mission to Tython

Boba Fett returns from the Crest, and helps defeat the troopers

Boba Fett managed to track Din Djarin, either through his ship, the armor, or himself. Eventually, Boba departed with Shand from Tatooine, on Slave I. When they arrived, Din Djarin left Grogu to see what was going on. Boba said he wanted to have a chat, and Din Djarin said that he would kill them both. Boba said that Fennec had a sight on Grogu, and would shoot unless Din Djarin put his jetpack down. Din obliged, not wanting to harm the kid. Boba Fett said that he wanted his armor, the set that Din got from Cobb Vanth. Din Djarin started to say something but was interrupted by two stormtrooper transports that landed. The Stormtroopers started to scale the mountain, but the team was able to subdue them, killing many of them. When time seemed desperate, Din Djarin joined the fight at Fennec's side, and boba went to the Razor Crest to retrieve his armor. When he came out of the Crest, he started to wipe out the troopers, almost like he was showing off. Whilst that was going on, Gideon sent Phase III Dark Troopers to capture and return Grogu. They were successful, and Din did not get up to the top in time to save him. On top of that, Gideon's forces destroyed the Crest to remain of the ball that Grogu loved, and the Beskar Staff. But, Boba Fett was back in Slave I, and Din Djarin told Fennec to tell Fett to do a loose follow, instead of a kill job, because he doesn't want the child hurt. Fett does what Djarin said, because of their agreement that they made earlier: if Din Djarin gave Boba Fett Boba Fett's armor, then Boba Fett would protect the child.

When Boba was able to see above the clouds, he was in shock, (either from excitement, or from fear) because he saw Gideon's Light Cruiser. After reporting this, he flew back down, where Djarin and Shand boarded Slave I. From there, they head back to Navarro, seeking help from newly-promoted Cara Dune, an Alderaanian Rebel Shock Trooper. What they wanted was information on former Imperial Sharpshooter, Miggs Mayfeld, because Din Djarin believed that he could help, since he might remember his Imperial clearance codes.[44]


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  • In The Empire Strikes Back, Boba Fett's original name was "Bounty Hunter" not Boba Fett
  • Boba Fett never removed his helmet when he had his armor.
  • Boba Fett only had 4 lines in the Original Trilogy, a total of 5 sentences, and 27 words.
  • Boba Fett tells Bo-Katan Kryze, that he wasn't a Mandalorian.
  • Boba Fett's Armor was worn by 3 different people! (Jango Fett, Boba Fett, and Cobb Vanth)
  • Originally (in Lucas' vision) Boba Fett died in the Sarlacc, but when Disney purchased Star Wars, they resurrected him in The Mandalorian


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